About Center

The aim of the center is to conduct national and foreign researches, examinations, evaluations, education programs and other studies regarding internal and external migrations, migrants and historical, political, economical, legal and international relationships and sociologic and strategic fields.

Areas of activity

The center conducts the following activities in order to fullfil the above-mentioned aim:

a) Research activities:

1) Conducting researches and examinations towards past, present and future internal and external migration dynamics in Turkey, external migrations to Turkey and the Turkish migrants living abroad considering the fact that Turkey is a multi-lateral migration country and the phenomenon of international migration becomes more significant within the political developments around the world, and submit the results to the public institutions and bodies and non-governmental organizations,

2) Conducting researches regarding the effects of the present and future progress of the internal and external migrations on the internal and foreign politics, and social and cultural structure of Turkey, collecting documents and submit them to relevant suthorities when required,

3) Conducting studies regarding migrant Turks living abroad in and outside Turkey,

4) Conducting studies regarding the relationship between migrant Turks and Turkey, and their contributions to Turkey in terms of internal and foreign politics, especially the EU, developing strategies in this regard,

5) Addressing the evaluations regarding the economic, politic, cultural and social structures of the places where Turkish migrants densely live and the changes occurring in these countries,

6) Preparing and implementing projects regarding the center’s areas of activity, and cooperating with other institutions and research centers if need arises,

7) Evaluating the global and regional roles of the stated countries and making predictions regarding the future situation through the studies conducted,

8) Cooperating with the scientists within and outside Turkey who conducted studies regarding the areas of activity of the center,

9) Searching for the cooperation opportunities with the universities and migration research centers in the stated countries and coordinating with them,

10) Conducting regular, academically institutionalized and globally-accepted researches regarding the qualifications, profiles, needs, expectations, problems, values and other similar characteristics of the migrant Turks living abroad.

b) Educational activities:

1) Arranging joint seminars, symposiums, congresses and similar activities with the universities and migration research centers in Turkey and/or other countries where migrants densely live regarding the aims of the center,

2) Offering consultation and education services to public and private institutions and bodies, education and training institutions of all levels and foreign countries and their institutions regarding the issues stated under the heading of research activities,

3) Organizing certificate programs regarding internal and external migration.

c) Broadcast activities:

1) Introducing the aims of the center in terms of theory, methods and application fields,

2) Conducting preparation studies for an international academic journal making publications twice or four times a year, and undertaking the secretariat of these studies,

3) Publishing reports of a certain subject matter, region, country or period,

4) Publishing bulletins.

ç) Conducting a comprehensive archiving study.